Gallery- Musical Instrument Builders Options

This is on the internal backstrip of the guitar. Custom decoration can be performed as a recessed cut-out or as a raised applique. Prices start at $50.00.

"Annie" is a custom J. Warwick Guitar

This guitar was commissioned in honor of the clients infant daughter Ashley. The guitar has a Hawaiian theme with mango and koa woods. The backstrip is relief cut with her name, the hibiscus flowers are cut and carved from pink ivory wood. The guitar was topped of with her hand prints on the back.

Custom backstrip for the internal guitar backstrip.

Custom relief cut backstrip.

Custom Carved Headplate-Maple Art Nouveau Guitar
This is the carved Ebony headplate insert with abalone background. This headstock gives a stained glass effect. This is on a collaboration guitar with J. Warwick Guitars.
Prices start at $200.00.

Here is a picture of the finshed headstock.

Custom Carved Neck Heel-Maple Art Nouveau Guitar
This is one of my most elaborate carved heels on a collaboratoration guitar with J. Warwick Guitars.

Custom Cherry/Walnut Carved Neck Heel
This is a Cherry neck with Walnut heel. The carving is a combination of a commonly found design and my imagination. The heel carving was a design the client approved, the "ball and step" heel was an idea that I incorporated to tie the shaft of the heel to the cap.

These pictures are of the neck with the carving finished.

This is a picture of the finished neck and guitar.

Custom Rosette-Dog Paws
This rosette was done in two layer relief to give the apearance of dog paw prints in impressed in the wood. Prices available on a per quote basis.

Custom Soundhole Inserts-FOHA Dogs
These inserts can be designed into an unbuilt guitar or added to an existing instrument. The inserts are held in place by magnets allowing for easy removal. Prices start at $100.00.

Headstock Inlay-Newfie
This is a quarter sized headstock inlay created for a clients kit guitars.

Headstock Inlay-Newfie
This is a quarter sized headstock inlay created for a clients kit guitars.

Inlayed Fretboard
Custom scrolled and inlayed fingerboard. Prices vary depending on inlay.

Neck Heel Carvings-Janus
A variety of relief carvings can be performed on neck heels. This is an Art-Nouveau inspired carving. Prices start at $150.00.
*Note* I do not perform heel carvings on existing guitars. The carving must be performed before the neck has been finished or attached to the guitar body.

Truss Rod Cover-Initials
This cover is produced in two layers to give "depth" to the cover. Various colors and wood types can be used to match the guitar or create a desired effect. Prices start at $50.00.

Truss Rod Cover-JMU UVA
This a great example of the use of various hardwoods to create a desired effect. In this case the school colors of a client. Prices start at $50.00.